2011-01-15 17:53:43 by Radosh


2010-05-13 01:45:25 by Radosh

its just amazing! i found someone who wants buy my music! so i just working on promo set with my best songs.. some of songs in set will be extended and my older tunes will be converted into a more professional appearance! price will be about 0.20 - 0.30 $
I will be glad if someone else will support me too

Read This

2010-04-11 16:37:43 by Radosh

Here is a youtube channel where is some of my tracks.
Some of my new songs will be able to find only there coz are too big for newgrounds.
Much Thanks to UnsignedUnderground for upload!!
Please subscribe him!
He just starting and if we could help him he would be great as liquicity xD

Someone BOMBED all of my subs :(

2010-04-07 01:33:57 by Radosh

For all who want to help me vote for my songs



Another Tune

2010-04-02 03:45:58 by Radosh

Please check it.. 10 HOURS OF HARD WORK! /322430
BTW: I love that part from 1:28 xD

New Tune...

2010-03-28 12:09:37 by Radosh

Hey Guys.. New tune is here...
Just check it!
Cheers /321500


2010-03-27 04:47:07 by Radosh

Hi guys.. I am working on new tune called Glow..
Here is a little preview.. /321198


2010-03-23 01:45:44 by Radosh

it's nice weather and we can jump!!

This is a little preview of our upcoming showrell
Im at 0:15 and 0:20
BTW: NO LOL AT 0:20 xD It was my first carthwell sideflip attempt!!!!

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2010-03-22 05:01:57 by Radosh

I really like the melodic dnb (liquicity) so I decided that this is a genre which i want to composing .. So I will delete most of my older subs ..
You can look forward to many more relaxing DnB! Meanwhile check my songs like Liquid Symphony OR Seaside ...
Cheers Radosh

BTW: Sorry for my weak English xD I am working on it: 3


I'll remix requiem for dream!! xD

2010-03-09 15:11:29 by Radosh

So guys.. im working on new track! It will be a dnb remix of Requiem for dream. Its should be done at end of the week.. Peace